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Production services in clean-room

Specifically, in Medical devices, Semiconductors, and Electronics manufacturing cleanrooms, the safety and quality of products are of the utmost importance, and raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished products, and can be affected if too many particles enter the space. According to ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standard, ISO 8 cleanroom (also known as Class 100,000 cleanroom), has a maximum particle count of 3,520,000 particles (≥0.5 um) per cubic meter of the interior air. HYB’s ISO 8 cleanroom has HEPA filtration coverage over 5% of the area and provides 30 air changes per hour (ACH) with air-flow rates of 250-500 m3/h. The following parameters are constantly monitored and managed in HYB’s ISO 8 clean room: Temperature, Relative humidity, Pressure, Velocity (ACH), Particle count, CO2, and count of doors opens.

Product integration

HYB has a 50-year tradition of product integration. In addition to the development, production, and marketing of our own products, under the HYB brand, we currently carry out various product integrations for our customers, such as ESD-based product integration for the automotive industry, a robotic arm for laparoscopic surgery procedures, desiccator for the pharmaceutical industry, measurement systems for IBPM pressure transducers, etc. It should be emphasized that all these services are performed in accordance with ISO 9000, ISO14000, and ISO13485 standards. We will gladly listen to your wishes.

Pressure Sensor Calibration

HYB offers calibration and/or compensation services for Pressure Sensors on accredited and certified measuring instruments. This enables calibration of the digital Pressure Sensors or compensation of the analog Pressure Sensors will the utmost accuracy and that its measurement uncertainty will be well within required tolerances at the required temperature range. Whatever the housing design of the Pressure Sensors, HYB will adjust its calibration plates. Whatever the electronics of the Pressure Sensor, HYB will adjust its automatic calibration system to provide a complete log and track record for each and every Pressure Sensor. Although HYB can offer calibration of the Pressure Sensors up to 200 bars, we are especially proud to offer, as one of the rare providers in the world, calibration of low pressure (full range, from 0 to 1 millibar upwards) sensors.


HYB offers a high-accuracy (± 7 µm @ 3 Sigma) multi-chip die bonding which provides the ultimate flexibility for die attach as well as for flip chip applications. Our die-bonding service encompasses different sizes (up to 12″) wafer handling, dispensing, epoxy writing and stamping, flux dipping, soldering, and thermo-compression. Our die-bonding offer die pick from wafer, waffle pack, gel pack, feeder, and die place to the carrier, boat, substrate, PCB, lead frame, and wafer.
HYB die bonding service is tailored to your needs and to cope with your customization requirements.


HYB wire-bonding services offer fully-automated thermosonic high-speed, ball-and-stitch wire bonding suitable for flip chip and other advanced packaging applications. HYB is capable to provide deep access to provide very reliable services of ball bumping, stud bumping, wafer bumping, chip bumping, and customized looping profiles. HYB wire-bonding services can provide many aspects of packaging and component assembly, including complex hybrids, MCMs, and high-reliability devices. HYB uses gold wire to produce tailless ball bumps, resulting in high-yield processing of fine pitch/high wire count applications.

Customer solutions

HYB’s standard product catalog offers a wide family of pressure sensors. However, quite often existing circumstances require a product specifically designed for integration and use in existing electronic devices or a customer just wants to have differentiated sensors in order to support its market recognition. In addition to outward parts such as sensor housing or pins or labeling of sensors, this also includes the electronics (pressure dies, ASICs, etc.) of the sensor, different calibration ranges, or screening and grading. HYB has a unique advantage to provide a one-stop shop for such requirements because we have established close working relationships with our suppliers, enabling us to make a wide variety of modifications with ease.

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