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HPSD 8000



Miniature Pressure Transducer (13.2x8x6.7mm or 13.2×12.6×4.1mm)
Straight Vertical or Horizontal Pressure Ports
Differential or Absolute configuration
Standard temperature compensated (0 to 70ºC), other possible
High long-term stability
High accuracy down to 0.75% (all effects included)
Digital I2C or SPI output
Pressure range: 0-1 mbar to 15 bar
Pressure media: all non-corrosive gases and liquids
SMT mount


Adjustable output resolution
(up to 15 bits)
ADC and DAC included
Internal microcontroller

Tehnical data

Tehnical data Value
Media dry-air, non-corosive gases, liquids
Pressure Ranges 0-1 mbar ÷ 15 bar
Package SMD
Accuracy up to ± 0.75% FS
Dimensions 8 x 13 mm
Special features outstanding offset stability, side port or vertical port availability
Temperature range -25°C ÷ 85°C
Temperature compensation rate 0°C ÷ 70°C
Output digital I2C (< 15 bit) or SPI
Type/Configuration absolute, differential

Application notes

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