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HPSA 1500


The HPSA1500 ESC is a MEMS (Micro Electronic Mechanical System), that converts the pressure hemodynamic waveform into electrical signal which can be displayed on the monitor or used for further signal processing. Standard HPSA1500 ESC configuration consists of piezo resistive pressure sensor with attached calibrated and compensated components, electrical connections: Excitation – supply voltage (2 contacts) and output – electrical response proportional to the excited pressure (2 contacts).

Tehnical data

Tehnical data Value
Media blood, bodily fluids
Pressure Ranges -50 to +300 mmHg, -400 to +4000mmHg max
Package bulk / open frame
Accuracy up to ± 1% FS
Dimensions 12,7 x 12,7 x 1,5 mm
Special features invasive blood and physiological pressure monitoring, medical instrumentation, infusion and other pumps
Temperature range 0°C ÷ 70°C
Temperature compensation rate 15°C ÷ 40°C
Output analog 5 µV/V/mmHg
Type/Configuration gage

Application notes

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