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Standalone components

Some of the components used in the hybymed® systems are also available for further installation. The components are not intended for direct clinical use.

Some details of components are available in the catalogue; however, it is best that you contact the Customer Support Service for more information.


The sensor is a key component in invasive blood pressure measurement.


Compatible with the ANSI/AAMI BP22 and IEC 60601-2-34 standards.SI/AAMI BP22 in IEC 60601-2-34

Calibrated and stabilised regarding sensitivity, linearity, and the zero point.

Sensitivity: 5 μV/V/mmHg ± 2%

Zero drift: less than ±1.0 mmHg/8 h

“Click-on” or sliding housing design

Sensor with direct contacts, wireless

Wide array of accessories for easier use

Colour-coded to minimise incorrect connections

In combination with valves and/or rinsing system

Configured according to specifications of the final user



The reservoir enables pure arterial blood sampling.

  • 2 ml reservoir
  • Closed, needleless, “in-line” system
  • Standardises the blood sampling procedure from the aspects of repeatability, accuracy, and safety.
  • Part of the invasive arterial blood pressure measurement line.
  • Prevents bubble formation.
  • Enables single-hand manipulation.
  • Reduces blood loss from sampling.
  • Minimises the IV line infection risk.
  • Compatible with the CBSS holder.
  • Customisation for the final user comprises typical volume, connection tube diameter, and interface to the holder.

A further option is the hybymed® CBSS set. It is an individual, sterilised whole which also includes a three-pole valve with built-in sampling gates and a standard Luer connector. Details are available in the catalogue.

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