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Components and accessories

Components and accessories simplify the everyday use of hybymed® products. Most of them are permanent. The most popular are presented below, whereas a full list is available in the catalogue. You may also contact our Customer Support Service.


The contact plate enables physical attachment of sensors, collects signals from all sensors, and forwards this information to the monitor via a single cable. The standard variants enable the connection of two to four sensors.

We attach the contact plates to the bed frame, wheelchair, or the stands with holders. Due to the multitude of variants, cables with connectors, which connect the contact plate with the patient’s monitor, are always manufactured according to the final user’s specifications.


These are simply mechanical devices with which we fix the contact boards to a bed, a stand, etc.

There are several standard models with zero to four degrees of freedom.


The CBSS holder is a specific add-on that may be attached to any hybymed® contact board. It serves as a CBSS reservoir holder.

This enables simple access and single-hand work with the CBSS reservoir.


The cables connect the contact board to the monitor or directly or via an intermediate standardised connector; the selection depends on the final user.

More than 100 different cables are available, because the monitors use a wide array of connectors.

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