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HYB Leak Detection


Locating and repairing of gas or liquid leakage or air can increase safety and productivity of you plant. Tube leaks can cause outages and consequently loss of production. Therefore, it is essential that your plant or processes are equipped with advanced tracer detection technology, so that the technicians can quickly locate any sources of leaks and eliminate the problem. At HYB we have vast experience with ensuring tightness of pharmaceutical packaging.
Leak detection can be performed for various substances, such as smoke, gas, fog, liquid, or for verification of a tightness of a seal, especially in food, medical or pharmaceutical sectors. Leakage can be measured based on various physical parameters, such as pressure sensing, vacuum, etc..

Typical tube leakage (pressure drop) detection system

Leak Detectors at HYB

At HYB we developed a vacuum controller and Exicator (VK 100 + E 200) which is ideal for checking leakage of packed strips, blisters, small sachets of tablets, capsules, liquids, cough syrups, shampoo packets, ampoules, sutures etc. HYB has also obtained the certificate of compliance with the standard required for medical products.
Interactive user guided testing procedure

  • Programmable vacuum level and timing
  • Audio alarm to indicate system failure such as insufficient vacuum, atmosphere, or system leak
  • Validation log stored on external USB storage media, i.e., USB stick in CSV format
    • Per measurement
    • Per series; includes user provided data
  • Internal and external pressure sensor calibration
  • Testing results stored on USB storage media in CSV format
  • User/ engineer/ calibrator/ administrator access control
  • Plastic exicator cover with removable self-standing seal
  • Adjustable tilt angle
HYB blister leakage system – Exicator (VK100 + E200)
  1. Exicator connection tubes
  2. Main switch and fuses at the back
  3. Touchscreen panel
  4. Speaker: end of test or alarm
  5. Angle adjustment


Setting the vacuum
Environment: -100 mbar to +100 mbar
Timer rangeVacuum hold: 60s – 600s
Atmosphere hold: 1s – 600s
Alarm triggerUnreachable vacuum pressure timeout: 5s – 600s
Unreachable atmosphere pressure timeout: 5s – 600s
Vacuum leakage higher than the value set in % per nominal value per minute
Power requirement230 VAC/50-60 Hz
Power20 W
Dimensions (LxWxH)100x275x375 mm
Ceramic plate diameter200 mm
Tablets production line – Leakage Detection

HYB Leakage Detection

The HYB testing device is based exclusively on a destructive method of testing of blister tightness. It works of the principle of establishing controlled vacuum and atmospheric pressure. Based on the preset times of pressure states, blister leakage can be defined. Leakage can be visually observed after the cycle termination as colored blister contents.

Blister Leakage Testing – Pressure (time)

Locating Leakage Sources

In the first step, the test samples are immersed into a coloured medium. The coloured liquid with the submerged samples is in special glass exicator E200 and covered by a sealed plexi-glas cover, connected to the VK100 controller by two tubes. The system is established for an adjustable test time in a vacuum, and then released to atmospheric pressure for the penetration time. In case of punctured blisters, vacuum is transferred to them in the first phase, which in the second step attracts the surrounding medium – namely the coloured liquid. At the end of the cycle, the operator manually pulls the tested samples out to visually evaluate them as good or bad, depending on the colour. It records the results in the VK100 + E200 device which records the results on a storage medium (USB stick).

Leak detectors have an important role in various industrial applications, for example: Food Packaging Leak Detection System (only for small samples, suitable for exiccator), Medicine/Drugs Packaging Leak Detection System, Water Leaking Detection System, Gas Leaking Detection System, Blister Leakage detector or Blister-pack Leakage detector

Leakage Detection Instrument

Company Profile

HYB is a research and development company, specializing in custom design and manufacturing, based on the thick-film hybrid technology of industrial sensors, medical devices and automotive components. Almost 50 years of manufacturing excellence in demanding niche areas, such as industrial, medical, automotive and others give us the confidence and commitment to deliver only the top quality solutions to our customers. Our goal is to be the best development-production partner for the customers. We excel in niche areas where, based on our knowledge and experience, we provide a great customer support and offer the optimal custom-made solutions time-efficiently.


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