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Environmental protection

Accountability to the natural environment is an integral part of our company’s business management and organisational culture. With an ISO 14001 environmental certificate, we have undertaken to reduce the use of natural resources and emissions into the environment. We have written accountability to the natural environment into the company’s quality management policy; it means an undertaking for sustainable development of the company and the reduction of environmental impact.

We implement the policy by always adhering to its basic tenets:

  • We recognise all environmental impacts caused by our activity. We plan, monitor, and measure environmental impacts. In the event of deviation from these tenets, we take action immediately.
  • We follow the latest guidelines and requirements of environmental legislation. We regularly carry out assessments of our environmental management system’s compliance with the legislation in force, whereby we take into account the recommendations and the requirements of the local community.
  • We develop products with reduced environmental impact. We take the product’s environmental impact into account right from the development stage. We strive for minimal use of material and for energy efficient products and processes. We design our products so that after the end of their lifecycle they may be recycled to the maximum possible extent.
  • Through training and communication, we spread environmental awareness to our employees and business partners. We regularly communicate environmental protection, requirements, and activities to our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, purchasers, and other interested sections of the public.


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